Friday, February 09, 2007

Quick Update

Patty's treatment went well yesterday with no immediate reactions or side effects. She comes back for her Neulasta shot today. This will begin to hit her Saturday afternoon and get progressively worse until Tuesday morning when it will begin to improve. So the next few days are probably not going to be a lot of fun. I keep praying that it won't affect her as bad as the last.

Kendall turns 6 today. We're having a princess pampering birthday party for her on Saturday morning. I hope the Neulasta shot doesn't start to hit Patty before then. I had to take Kendall to the doctor yesterday morning because she had been complaining that her throat was hurting and it turns out she has strep throat. Its the first time ever any of our children have ever had it. So she had to miss school but was able to go back today because we got her on the antibiotics right after her doctor visit. He said she wouldn't be contagious by today.

I'll continue to update on how Patty is doing throughout the weekend.

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