Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Update & Another Visitor From the Past

Patty is still doing much much better than I expected this go around. I'm not sure if she actually feels better or is just toughing it out. She said today that her back is still bothering her but not limiting her to the couch. Her hair continues to grow back. I'm going to see if she'll start letting me do a weekly hair growth picture, lol...

Somebody came by the office today to see me that I hadn't seen in a long time. Patty and I had got know this person through another friend. We had grown to to really respect them for their spiritual walk and was often encouraged by conversations we had. We had lost contact with them just through the normal events of life, (you know, a job change, a move, etc.) but had heard they had experienced some real tough times through the last few years. Tough times that Patty and I had thought we would never imagine this person would have to go through.

So when I saw them today I was pleasantly surprised. I showed them some pictures of the kids and the conversation eventually turned to the recent troubles they had encountered. Some really sad and trying events. I had been concerned about their spiritual walk through these tough times but today, to hear them speak gave me such encouragement. They spoke of how their faith had been strengthened and that God was now their strength and how good that feels to depend solely on Him. I could see it on their face. God is good even through the troubled times. Wow. I want that. Don't you?

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys daily, and miss you guys a ton! Abundantly blessed, to be a blessing! That you are!

Earl and Marcey