Friday, March 16, 2007

Stepping Out

I apologize for not posting as of late. Katie developed the flu and its made it for a more strenuous week. Today is her first day back to school. Luckily, nobody else has developed it, especially Patty because this week her counts from the last chemo treatment or the lowest.

Last night, Patty spoke for the first time about this ordeal she/we have been traversing. The group she spoke to was the ladies' group from our church. They meet once a month on a Thursday night for a time of discussion and fellowship. There is always a guest speaker and so last night Patty played the part. She said there were approximately 30 ladies in attendance. I asked her how she did and she said, "good." I could infer from her voice it indeed went well. Funny thing how you can infer the real meaning of a spoken word just by the tone. She had practiced it for me the night before and I was soundly impressed. She said she had been practicing ;). Patty's has always been lacking in the self confidence category. Unduly so, as everything she puts her mind to she does it with excellence.

Anybody have any good ideas for a quick Spring Break trip?

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Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to go to Chattanooga. They have that awesome aquarium. 8 floors of really cool stuff. The Imax movie is so cool. I have never seen anything like it. Take Mimi and let her kept Brett. There is a nice hotel, Marriott courtyard right in the heart of all the fun, good rest., and good strolling areas along the river front. Plus there is supposed to be a really cool park on the other side of the water. Check the weather. Have fun!! love you lots, tracy

Anonymous said...

i checked the weather, lookin good. :) tracyyyyy

Angela G said...

I'd recommend a trip to Minnesota ;-)