Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Latest

Patty went for her last arm treatment and then put the new sleeve and glove. It doesn't look too bad. The glove has actually helped with her fingers but her hand is still a little swollen. Her elbow is still sore and weak as well. We're not really sure what is going on with this but it has been going on for a while. I think when she goes back to the doctor in February they will maybe do a bone scan to make sure nothing is going on.

Meanwhile, the girls are selling girl scout cookies until this Thursday. If you want to buy any just send us an email and we'll get them to you when they come in. They're $3.50/box.

Bella is growing bigger and bigger and is still nipping at the kids' feet driving them crazy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry I haven't posted in over two weeks. Work, dealing with my dad's estate issues, more work, church, and family life I've been exhausted. I'm now responsible for 6 cancer centers throughout East Tennessee and before I had two. I'm trying learn as much as I can but that is taking time.

Meanwhile, Patty's treatments have done well except for her fingers. They have finally fitted her for a sleeve and we'll see how that goes when it comes in . She has about had it with the compression bandages. You know her she goes non-stop no matter what and she has been on a "Spring Cleaning" binge since Christmas. I'm praying for that to end ;).

I plan on continuing the Haiti journal as soon as I get some time to type it out. So keep checking!