Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Better Night of Rest

Patty slept much better last night. I could tell it in her voice. She's still struggling with the remaining drain and she wants it out yesterday. It is below the 24 hour amount for it to be removed but the surgeon, who is on vacation, told his nurse to not take it out to soon. Patty was going to call her today and see if there was anyway she could get it out. I wouldn't be surprised if she resorted to bribery, lol.. Her soreness persists and it is a constant reminder of the surgery. She told me last night it feels as if her arm has been sewn to her body. Combine that with the numbness of her upper arm and you can see why she is feeling pretty crappy. Is that a real word, crappy? I can't think of a better one at the time so it will have to work.

I got Katie off to school again. I asked how she enjoyed the first day and it didn't sound like it was that enjoyable. She said all they did was go over the rules and do drills. Hmmmm, they better do that rules thing a few times in Kendall's class. Penny came over today to help Patty with the boys and Kendall. She has been wonderful in helping us make arrangements. Micah Tripp is going to pick Katie up for us at school and take her to Laverne's where I can pick her up after work. Micah's son Alec is in the same class as Katie. Once again, I can't thank all of you enough who are pitching in during our time of need.

I was having a lull in my spirits this morning. Sometimes I continue to fall into the trap of thinking of the long road ahead and how tough it is going to be to walk that path. When I do that I get discouraged. But, after reading Isaiah 51:5 this morning a part of it stood out, " arm shall they trust." I can't continue to attempt to look ahead, prognosticate, or forecast the future no matter how much I want to do that. Isaiah says we should place our trust into God's arms. I have to put that into practice.

Many times, my faith is strong and I have not a doubt that this is going to be ok. When that happens, I almost feel guilty for feeling so comfortable with it. Part of me is curious as to what we will have learned on the other side of this. I have to say I never imagined the gamut of emotions that you experience when facing trials such as this and I can now understand what every patient and family feels that walks through our Cancer Center doors. I can see now where I never did before.

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Anonymous said...

Heys Patty,Scott, and kids
Somebody sent this to me today.Thought you would enjoy it like I did.
If God brings you to it,He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments,seek God
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments,trust God.
Every moment, thank God.
Love you all, Kevin,Gina,Alex Rudd