Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The New Look

Patty's first chemotherapy treatment went well. In the sense that as well as a chemotherapy treatment could go. Around 6 p.m. last night she started feeling really bad and wasn't really able to eat dinner. Holly Turner had brought us a wonderful meal that we all enjoyed. Patty started to feel a little better around 9 p.m. and slept ok.

As you know her hair had begun to really thin so when she began to feel a little better we decided to not postpone the inevitable any longer. Thus..., a hair cut was in order. Not only was it a first for her in having her head shaved, it was a first for me in shaving one! Whoo Hooo! Truthfully, I couldn't believe she was going to let me do it but hey, I wasn't going to ask twice. I've always secretly desired to be on the other side of a head shave since I've received so many myself. I just never thought it would ever happen and certainly not under these circumstances. Nevertheless, I made a mad dash to Darrell and Beth's to borrow their clippers.

I started off by giving her a mohawk to see how it would look. I thought 'what the heck' we're cutting it all off anyway so we might as well experiment. It didn't look too bad. She kind of had the punk rock look going. From there I finished the job but, it wasn't long before the phrase "NASA, ...we have a problem" came to mind. While the clippers cut it close they didn't cut it to the scalp. So, we called the resident hair expert, LeAnn, for advice but she wasn't home. We then commenced to applying our thinking caps and Patty soon came up with the thought of using my electric razor. I said 'Great Idea'!

Here is where my hair cutting experience came into play. Having shaved my face now for over 22 years I was very adept at reaching maximum smoothness with an electric razor, just never on so grand of scale. I had to be careful to assure there would be no razor burn. Soon, her head was as smooth as my face on a weekday at 6:30 a.m.

I have to admit I was a little concerned of what my reaction to her new look would be but I shouldn't have been. I soon saw that she actually looks great with her new sheen and she really does! She sports a great head shape and color unlike my asymmetric noggin'. She looked very 'new age'. Her first comments were, "it felt like it was burning." Not in the burning sense such as fire but, more like when you apply sports creme to your skin. I soon informed her that was normal with a fresh shearing. Later, she began to complain that she was cold. She said now she knows why I'm cold all the time. I thinking I'm starting to like this and wondering how I can convince her to keep the new look. Just think of the benefits. Now, she is cold like me, there will be no money spent on fancy hair products or colorings, highlights, or hair cuts. No long delays in going somewhere, man this is looking good! I digress.

One of our real concerns about this was the kids' reaction to the new look. So this morning Patty had a hat on when she went to get Grant out of bed. His first words were "Mommy, I like your new hat!" So she asked him if he wanted to see her new hair cut and he said yes. She took her hat off to show him the new look. After he looked at her, she asked him what he thought, he smiled and quickly replied, "I think it looks beau-ti-ful!" That Grant, already a charmer.

Pictures at 11.

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You are so brave. I Love You! Good job Scott. See ya'll soon.