Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Morning Update

Patty didn't feel too bad last night. She looked like she felt bad but she said she just felt really tired and drained. The good news is she hasn't had any prolonged nausea and no vomiting. Hopefully, all of these anti-nausea medications will continue to hold up. I just talked to her and she said she feels about the same as last night. The next couple of days will tell the tale. I'll update again later this afternoon. Keep praying.

I want to thank all those again who have been providing meals and childcare during these treatment weeks. You'll never know how much of a help you have been. Our church has been tremendous and we've also had many many friends and family jump in and offer their assistance as well. The song says it best when it says, "God is good, all the time."

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are doing better this time. I hope you continue to have good days. I have talked with Becky and Mother about next week. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and feel like making your trip. Love everyone for me. See you soon, I hope. Rosalind