Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chemo Tip #1 - Don't Cook With Your Expensive Wig On

Patty started feeling better this morning and continued to improve throughout the day. Hopefully this will continue tomorrow.

This is as good a time as any to share a humorous story that happened to us over the holidays. We had been up to Pigeon Forge on Christmas Eve to visit with my family from out of town. We left in the late afternoon to get home and prepare for my aunt's annual Christmas Eve party. Patty always fixes an appetizer or two to take for the party.

When she was getting ready she was complaining that she thought her wig wasn't looking as good as it originally did. I told her it looked fine. Regardless, she spent a lot of time trying to fix it right before we left and when she was done it looked great. I proceeded to load up the vehicle with gifts, kids, etc. and Patty went to finish up the food to bring out to the car. After putting something in the car I turned around to go back in and met Patty coming out with some of the food. I stopped and did a double take because her hair now looked the hair below.

Well, maybe not that bad but I asked her what happened to her hair and immediately the dreaded female "fear of bad hair" look washed across her face. I told her she needed to go look in the mirror. I followed her in and asked what had she done to it. She said that she just got the food out of the oven. Evidently, she got a little too cozy with the oven which, was on 450, and the fake hair got a little...shall we say - well done, sizzled to be exact. Panic immediately set in as we were supposed to be there soon. Out flew the hair gel/mousse and of course the scissors along with a few choice words. Well, maybe not the choice words but it sounded good to write.

Needless to say, she made it presentable and now a new one is on the way. With stuff like this you just have to laugh. So, I did. Although, I don't think she did and thus I expect revenge soon.

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