Monday, February 05, 2007


Saturday Kendall, our 2nd, was playing with her princess and troll figures. Not the troll that you would normally conjure up an image of but yet a small bright big hair troll. If you know Kendall, she would rather play with these by herself. She's always been this way and loses a bit of self control when someone attempts to interject into the play scene. Grant, #3, loves to play with these things as well and that doesn't suit well with Ms. Kendall.

So, on Saturday Grant decided he wanted to play as well and Kendall begin to have a nuclear meltdown. I called her to the top of the steps to discuss the situation. She explains to me that boys aren't supposed to play with girl toys. I explained that she sometimes likes to play with Grant's toys. She then pleaded, "but he's a boy!" I then instructed her to let Grant play. At this point, she thumps down on the step, crosses her arms in a huff, and places a stern look on her face and then shouts out "Grant's a TOMGIRL!"

I had to laugh. Never heard that one before.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kendall!!!