Monday, April 30, 2007

Radiation 2/3 Complete

Patty saw the doctor last Thursday about the dizziness. He said it could be from some of the medication. Over the weekend it actually has improved.

Patty also has been having a feeling of not getting enough air when she breaths. She also talked to the doctor about this but he didn't seem to be too concerned. He sent her for an EKG Friday and a MUGA Scan this morning. Both are tests for your heart. The Herceptin infusions she is taking weekly have a small chance of causing heart problems. She has had two so far that have been fine. From what I've read there is a good possibility that the breathing issue is stress related.

Today will be her 23rd of 33 radiation treatments. She has been handling this like a champ. I'm starting to see the fatigue set in on her and her skin has been itching her a lot but otherwise she has not has any major reactions.

Friday she took Kendall to the zoo. She said there were 27 other schools there! Luckily, they both like the zoo. Patty walked around with Kendall and another little girl from her class whose parent wasn't there. While they were sitting eating an ice cream a bird came and, uhhhhhh, took care of business in the little girl's hair and Patty's shoulder! Next they sat down on some railroad ties and the little girl's shorts got tar all over the back of them. Patty told the teacher that this little girl's parents are going to wonder who was chaperoning their child!

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