Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Many Thanks!

Many thanks to those to you who have donated! Believe it or not, combined with what the girls raised selling paper dolls and cookies and what you have so graciously donated the girls have raised over $250! The girls are ranked 8th out of 23 Teams! Keep those contributions coming!

Patty is doing well so far with her new medications. Keep praying that she will not have side effects from this medicine that she will have to take for 5 years. She has her weekly infusion tomorrow and then we're off on another camping trip, whoooohooooo! We'll be back on Tuesday but we're not going far, just to Townsend to do a little tubing, fishing, and of course the kids favorite, bike riding!

Its so nice to be doing some things that feel normal again and not related to cancer. Let's pray that this continues into our old age.

One more thing. Patty heard for the first time last night the new song out by Craig Morgan called "Tough." She loved it. It speaks about a young mother who fights breast cancer and prevails. In case you haven't heard it yet its a great song. Click HERE to see the video and hear the song. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that song IS Patty!!!! I listened 7 times, by the 3rd I already knew the words...You should record it for Patty, I am serious!!!Wow, what an amazing song. We are all always saying how strong Patty is and that we never hear her complain. Patty is an awesome woman.

I love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Glad to hear the fund raising is going well! I heard the song about a month ago...very moving song and I wondered if you had heard it. Hope you have a great time camping and are enjoying these better days.

Love to all,