Monday, June 25, 2007

Relay for Life Update

The Relay for Life was last Friday night and Saturday morning. I'm still a little tired from staying up ALL night until it was over at 7 a.m. It has been along time since I've stayed up all night and then I was a lot younger (and had different motivations as well :). Thanks to many of you the girls raised $350! Each of you who donated extended a tremendous amount of generosity and for that we give you a wholehearted THANKS! The girls were so excited and would ask me how much they had raised even up to the day of the event.

The total event as of Saturday morning had raised over $55,000. The girls came after they completed their Vacation Bible School and got to do some EuroBungy Jumping (pictures forthcoming!) After that, they played in the water fountains and then finished up with some good ol' face painting (more pictures forthcoming). And this is not your average face painting. Wait until you see the pictures.

On a less than positive note, Patty got a call from her grandmother early Saturday morning wanting me to take her to the hospital. Of course, I was at the Relay so Patty called her sister to see if she could take her. Patty should have called me anyway and I would have left but I'll have to cut her some slack because she was sound a sleep when her grandmother called. Her grandmother is 89 by the way and still drives, cleans house, etc. It turns out she has a small bowel obstruction and most likely is going to have to have surgery. Please pray for her that this will resolve on its own without surgery and while you're at it please include Patty's blood counts to continue to rise.

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