Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I apologize for the delay in posting. June and July has been extremely busy months for me and the family. The last five weekends have been action packed. It all kicked off with the Relay for Life on June 22 & 23, then the next long weekend to Student Life Camp with Katie in Ridgecrest, NC, next was July 4th with family from out of town, my aunt’s wedding the following weekend of which Grant was the ring bearer (boy was that nerve racking), travel to Forest City, NC the next weekend to visit Patty’s family and pick up her cousin’s daughter, Jessica, who was going to stay with us for a week, and then lastly a camping trip to Maggie Valley, of which we returned on Monday. Whew!

Now for the update on Patty, her blood counts have dropped back down to below normal. Patty’s Med Onc is not sure why. Her thyroid levels have also bottomed out. Could they be related? Could it be the Herceptin? He’s just not sure. He doesn’t think the thyroid issue is related to anything with cancer. She sees the endocrinologist in August. Also she most likely can not have any reconstructive surgery until her blood counts return to normal. Otherwise besides the anxiety of these issues she feels pretty good. She definitely needs more sleep as late but that is easy to understand with what her body has been through.

Please pray that her blood counts and thyroid levels will return to normal levels and that God will continue help us get through this day by day. Thanks.

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