Monday, August 21, 2006

How Good or Bad Is It?

The next two days were a blur. I was able to get Patty an appointment the next day with an Oncologic Surgeon. We were actually encouraged after that appointment. We had a tentative plan. Since there were two lesions they would have to do a masectomy but, there was a new technique that would allow her to have an easy reconstruction. Patty had also decided to have the other side done as well to alleviate future concerns. The doctor also wanted to do a MRI to check the unaffected side.

We were able to get the MRI done that day as well. Unfortunately, the next day we received unexpected bad news. The MRI demonstrated there were some thickened or enlarged lymph nodes on the affected side. Again, devastating news.

The doctor wanted to ultrasound her axilla (armpit) and if a node was seen biopsy it. Thus, we had to wait through the weekend to have that done. In the meantime, on Monday we saw the plastic surgeon. We were encouraged again but were unprepared for Tuesday's results.

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