Monday, August 21, 2006

Diagnosis and Staging Continued

We went for the ultrasound on Tuesday. By this point we had been praying earnestly for some good news. In addition, our church, friends, and family had also begin to bath us in prayer.

The Radiologist saw only one node but that would be one node too many. She wanted to biopsy it. I wasn't sure. It was deep in the axilla. Patty said to go ahead and do it. They basically stuck a huge needle in her axilla and biopsied the node, 5 times. Ouch!, it was painful for me to watch, more painful for Patty to feel. She was strong.

The next day the news came again and it wasn't good. We were becoming weary and deflated. Patty had also been experiencing some rib pain. We were concerned. In addition, the surgeon wanted her to go ahead and see an Medical Oncologist (chemo doctor) before we scheduled surgery. Patty and I had begun to fear the worst, had the cancer spread? We had the doctors to schedule a PET scan to determine if this was true.

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