Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mid Morning

Patty is up and is out of the fog you have when you undergo anesthesia. She says she feels like she's been run over by a truck. She has three drains of which two will remain for a week and another for a little longer. They're very cumbersome for her to move around. She finally got up and went to the restroom just a bit ago. This was the first time she has been out of the bed since before surgery. She was a little dizzy but did well. She became a little upset, as you would expect, upon the realization of the surgery. But, she fixed her hair a little and felt better.

Please pray for her emotional state at this time. Also continue to pray for the girls. They're really concerned about Mommy and are asking a lot of questions to my family they are with on vacation. Grant is with Tracy & Ben and is doing really well and Brett is doing well with Darrell & Beth. We can't thank them enough for taking care of our beautiful boys. Before we came to the hospital we tried to explain to Grant about the surgery but it went way over his head and he just wanted to get to Isaiah's :).

Yesterday, after I came and sat down when Patty went back to surgery I saw one of our old neighbors and great friends, Betty and Sherman Brown. They are a couple in their seventies that adopted me and Patty when were first married and moved in next door to them. We spent many a late night enjoying their company and humor on their back porch. Splendid times indeed. They moved away about the time Kendall was born and we stayed in touch but, in the past couple of years with further additions to our family and another move for them we had not maintained contact. We had heard that Betty had breast cancer and was under treatment but they had moved again and we didn't have any contact info. So when she walked into the surgery lobby it was a great surprise. If it wasn't ironic enough to see them, she was having surgery yesterday as well to complete her treatment course! Thus, it was great to sit down for a few hours and "chew the fat" with some old friends who we now had something more in common.

I just wanted everyone to know we couldn't imagine going through this without the strength God has given us, our church family, our friends, and the many other fellow believers that are praying for us throughout our area and the country. While we don't desire to face this trial there are many things God is showing to me and Patty. One of them he has demonstrated to me and Patty is how many people we've built relationships throughout the years. As they hear of our situation, many of them have touched base with us with their voices of genuine love and concern, and most of all prayers. God is teaching us through this and we're trying to listen.

Praise God and Thanks to ALL of you.

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