Monday, August 21, 2006

More Bad News or Some Good News?

We saw the Medical Oncologist on Thursday. Once again we were a little encouraged that a plan for treatment was finally coming together but, the thing that would determine whether we would be going for a cure or managing an ultimately terminal disease was next, the PET scan.

That morning, Patty said she wanted everyone to pray for her when the she was receiving the scan. Thus we called all we could that morning. Scott Sparks, our pastor joined us for the scan. I was a nervous wreck but after praying that morning, God had given me encouragement and a peace that no matter what the result would be it would be ok.

As I watched the scan appear on the screen, my heart sunk as I saw the initial images. Fortunately, I was unaware that these were unprocessed images and didn't reflect the actual scan results. But after review it didn't appear there were any metastatic sites besides the lymph nodes. Praise God! Still I was cautious until we had the official results from the Radiologist. That came later that day. Good news. God's mercy had fallen upon us.

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