Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Patty's Home

Patty's home and resting comfortably. We got here around 3:15. They had removed her IV's and told her if she wanted to go she could. She felt she could rest better at home especially with her own personal nurse, me. lol...

I've got her setup with pillows, remotes, books, and most of all a large Jamocha shake. Luckily, the hospital has a pharmacy for employees in the hospital so we were able to get her prescriptions before we left and so we didn't have to stop on the way home.

We saw a moving moment on the way home. As we passed by Christenberry Elementary, school was letting out. There stood Mike Bates waiting on Bailey to walk her home. They didn't see us. She came out and they started walking together, Dad and daughter. I'm sure they were discussing her day at school. I relish those moments but they are easy to miss in our busy lives. I noticed things like that before but in the last three weeks I notice them more often and with more clarity.

My neighbor is mowing the yard and honestly I don't like it. Please don't take that last statement the wrong way, I'm gracious as ever but, I'm still struggling with accepting everyone's goodness. It makes me feel weak. Men don't like feeling weak. This is another of the things that God is working on with me and Patty.

In our weakness His strength is displayed.

I'll update how she is doing this evening.


TracyW said...

Patty, we are so happy you are home and we hope you are able to get lots of rest. If that hire-a-nurse guy doesn't do well enough just let us know and we will find you a replacement. Get lots of rest and remember we are all praying for you!!!!! (both) Beth and I want to just keep your boys, they are ANGELS for us. So just be happy they are doing great and you'll have them home soon enough. I have throughly enjoyed reading your postings Scott, thank you for doing them. I would love some more pictures, just when you have some free time to put them on there, lol. I think it is no coincidence that you all were able to see your old neighbors and I am sure that was great encouragement for you both. We love you very much. Ben, Tracy, Becky, Hannah, Isaiah, and Grantesterd.

Emily said...

Hi Patty & Scott,
I was so glad to hear about this website! It is so nice to be able to keep up with how you are doing and leave you a message without your phone ringing off the hook! (LOL)
I just want you to know that we are thinking of you every day. The kids and I are praying for you every night when we say our bedtime prayers.
I would LOVE to see recent pictures of your little ones. I think our kids are probably about the same ages. Jake is 12, Landon 8, Brady 6, Madison 4 and Colton 22 months. Please know, if there is ANYTHING that we can do to help we would be more than happy to.
Scott, it is so great to hear what a wonderful husband and father you are! You are both so blessed to have each other and your 4 beautiful children. We will ALL continue to pray & BELIEVE for your recovery daily!
JOHN 14:13-14
We LOVE you both!
Emily, Ray, Jake, Landon, Brady, Madison & Colton
p/s Scott, Thank you for reminding us to not take for granted ALL of lifes daily blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you even know how special you are to me. one of my oldest & dearest friends....i love you like a sister. And even though its been years since we were roomies, i can remember those times like they were yesterday. the last few days ive thought back more than usual..and have laughed at some of the funny memories....i can still picture little chrissy hopping across the living room floor (lol).

....& scott, what an incredibly wonderful husband and father you turned out to be. who would have ever thought it?!!! Seriously, im so glad you two have each other to love. benjy and i are praying for you both & for the kids daily.

Just remember that God has a great plan for your lives...and that he can turn a seemingly bad situation into something beautiful. When he heals you, just think of all the lives it will touch!

You guys take care & call me if there is ANYTHING at all i can do.
i love you both...

Anonymous said...

Scott and Patty,
Glad to hear you are home, but at the same time, hate they sent you home so soon. Please give Patty a hug for us and let her know we are thinking about her often and praying with every thought! The same goes for you and the kids.
Randy & Kim Rhode

Anonymous said...

Hey Patty & Scott

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about yall. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Be strong and pray. I love you guys.

Sherry & Boys

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott & Patty,
I am so glad you are home, hopefully you can get some much needed rest. Thank you Scott for taking such good care of Patty. I have a lot great memories. And look forward to making more. Patty, I have faith that you will be great again. Because you already are. I love you all.
Laura TenBroeck

Anonymous said...

Scott & Patty,

Please know we are just a phone call away. The both of you are in our prayers. If at anytime you need help with the kids, laundry or housework don't hesitate to ask. You probaly wouldn't want me to help with any meals.

I love you both very much

Anonymous said...

ok I am an idiot...I have tried this 2x's already maybe the 3rd time is a charm...

Here is the condensed version of what I have tried to say already (maybe the Lord is trying to tell me I talk to comment from tracy is necessary ;)

I love you all and Wayne and I are praying for you...I am here for whatever you need or whatever Beth or Tracy tell me to do.

I enjoyed knowing that Michael was walking Baleigh home and she was probablu talking 90 miles a minute.

Praying my guts out for you!