Friday, September 22, 2006

Hair, the Lack of It, and Dog Spit. What a Combination!

I apologize for not updating the site very frequently this week. Its been hectic. We had a meeting with the Oncologist on Monday about his desire to change Patty's treatment course which, for us was unexpected. It's a long story as to why but basically after further researching he thinks we ought to change. We have the option to stay on the current course if we desire. So needless to say, Patty did not get her Herception shot this week. If we decide to change, the Herceptin will be delayed until the main chemotherapy is completed. Her treatment course will be extended for several months as well if it is changed. I will update more on this possible change in a later post.

Patty has been feeling pretty good this week. She did have a headache this morning. We're still waiting on her hair to begin falling out. I'm dreading it as I know she is. Although, she hasn't mentioned it. I lost mine over years and had trouble dealing with it so I can only imagine how she will do losing it in a few days. Of course, I tell her that she is one up on me as hers will come back! Mine won't. Unless, I run down to Hair Club for Men for a few corn rows.

The biggest fear is the fear of the how she'll react, how the kids will react, and how I will react. Actually, I don't think I'll mind it as we'll be able to get places quicker, save money on hair products, and I was thinking to see if she wanted to get a tattoo because now was the time because nobody would ever know she had it once her hair grew back. Ok, I'm joking, please withhold any flaming comments you were getting ready to type.

There is some research out there that has got me thinking of getting a dog. All of you know how much Patty loves dogs. Evidently, dog spit is the new hair restoration rage. I figured Patty and I both could put it to good use together!

Enough hair. I heard a sermon on the radio the other day that really hit home with me about prayer, persistent prayer. In the sermon, the pastor was discussing the parable of the midnight visitor, Luke 11: 1-13. This is not the easiest of parables to understand. The man didn't want to give the friend bread for the friend's visitor because his door was locked and his family was asleep. But through persistent requests, the man gave his friend the bread. Now be careful and don't confuse God with the man reluctant to give bread because Jesus pointed out that even all of us who are evil know how to give good gifts to our children. He then states, how much more will God, who is without evil, give to His children who ask? The emphasis in the parable was persistence. Persistence in your requests to the Lord. When you pray, pray persistently.

Another aspect of the parable is intercession. The friend who went to request the bread did so at his own cost. An unexpected visitor, at midnight, who was hungry. He was probably asleep as well but, he arose and sought food for his friend. He interceded on his behalf at the cost of sleep, time, and begging for food that wasn't even for him. When you are praying for someone else you are interceding on their behalf. Doing that comes at a cost. For most of us, that cost is time. Often, we tell someone that we're praying for them. And when we do, we have full intentions of doing so. But are we? I hope that you are. There is no greater thing you could do for someone then to actually take time to intercede in prayer on their behalf. Many people have told Patty and I they wish there was something they could do for us. I tell them the best thing they could do is pray, on our behalf.


Anonymous said...

We are all continuing to pray. We are all walking in honor of Patty at the Susan Komen Race. The St. Mary's North girls and family anyway!
Patty, we are the St. Mary's Bosom Buddies! Isn't that great! I like the tatoo idea. I would get a big pink ribbon! The dog spit is what concerns me. haha
I love you guys. Crystal

Anonymous said...

What a fun night the Steel Magnolias had last night. It is so great to see you nesting and feeling like doing things and going places. You just continue to lift me up with your courage and strength. Brett is taking a nap while you are at the Disney on Ice show. We are having a fun day and it is storming and we are just cuddling. I love you, Carmen

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Just sending you lots of love and lots of peristent prayer.
I am all for getting a dog, but not for the licking of it all. Uugghh!
I am available if you need me, for praying and anything else you have need of.
Also, I am doing lots of praying for Kendall!! I pray that kindergarten will be awesome for her.
Love you all,
Susan Stinnett

Anonymous said...

What a fun 13 1/2 hours we had today....Whew, I am worn out. I'm not nearly as young as you It was a great day, you felt good, we got a lot done off of your to do list, ate a lot, and went to revival...That is a long list of doing for one little day. I enjoyed every minute of it and love you more than anything.
Praying for you everyday....