Sunday, September 17, 2006

Over the Weekend

Patty felt much better over the weekend. Most of the flu like symptoms had resided. The biggest issue over the weekend continued to be her right arm and the pain sensations that shoot up and down it. This is probably some of the nerves healing. She is also having some mild chest pains that are probably related to the surgery.

Patty even wanted to venture up to Dollywood on Saturday. I wasn't as enthusiastic. Of course, I usually never am, lol... But I had different reasons this time. I had so much to do around the house, mow the yard, go to the dump, etc. Katie had homework and violin practice as well. Plus, Patty really doesn't need to be around people that could give her a cold, etc. due to her low white blood counts that make her much more susceptible to infections that could cause her problems.

Jay and Laverne had asked if we wanted to travel up to Dollywood with them and I think Patty was pumped to get out of the house. So when I told her that I didn't think it was a good idea due to the aforementioned items above, I could tell that wasn't the right answer. I'm then frustrated because she doesn't understand my rationale for not going and the next thing you know we're on the "Crazy Cycle." To add fuel to the fire, I think she got even further upset at me when one of our neighbors called and offered to mow the yard. I thanked them but told them that I had planned on getting to it that day. I know..., that ol' pride thing rearing its ugly head again. On one hand, you know you should accept all the help you need but, on the other you feel like a waste because you're not accomplishing anything for yourself. So, needless to say while the kids had a great time at Dollywood, Patty and I didn't. Patty didn't because of me. I didn't because I was worrying about what I had to do at home. I've apologized. We talked things over afterwards as we usually due after any disagreement. We're off the cycle.

Patty felt good enough to go to church as well. I was concerned again because I'm afraid she'll catch something. At Dollywood I had her and the kids applying hand-sanitizer after touching anything. Scott Sparks preached a great sermon on guilt and how Satan uses it as a motivator when we sin. While the Holy Spirit condemns sin but not us. We should be motivated by our love for God and to please Him not ourselves. So I was feeling guilty before but now I'm resisting, lol... Easier said than done.

So, we come home from church on Sunday and........drum roll please.........the yard is mowed. I have to laugh.


Anonymous said...

I think I shared this with you before but once again here we go!
Do not take your neighbors blessing! While this guy is mowing your yard he is doing it as a love offering to the Father. God will bless him for his gift. Do not deny this to him because in the process you are denying his gift to God. Scary thought! Lighting strike!
Also I am with my girl Patty on the trip to Dollywood. She knows how she feels - respect it. She knows the time will come when she can't do the fun stuff with the family for a while - enjoy this time now. Germs are germs and she is a grown woman she will not jepordize her health. I know that you LOVE her that is VERY evident but remember God is in control. He will give your family the good days as glimpes into the future of when she is healed.
Enough of the email spanking!
We love both of you and are praying daily for your family.
Joey and Linda
PS Our SS class is praying for you also.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I'm with you man on the germ thing. I'd have been freaking out over her being in that environment. LOL!!!!!
I respect you wanting to protect your little bride. :0)
But hey, I'm glad you got your yard mowed!!! :0)