Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Update

Patty is feeling better today. She has begun having trouble with her right arm again but she feels better than the past two days. Hopefully, she's coming back physcially from the chemo and neulasta shot. She'll go back Monday for her Herceptin infusion and to check her blood work. I don't think she has been out of the house since Tuesday so I'm sure that is wearing on her.

When she got the Herceptin Tuesday I began thinking about her coming in to receive this for 52 weeks. That seems like a long time. It is a long time. You start wondering how long will it be before things begin to return to normal? Do they return to normal? Probably not. It's almost like running an extended marathon that goes by weeks rather than miles. Let's hope we get our second wind.

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Anonymous said...

hey patty and scott--

it is leanne. i am so sorry i haven't been able to catch up with you guys until tonight, but Pat's papaw passed away tues. and we have had a ton of company and had to do the funeral services all week. pat LOVED his papaw and has had a very hard time. papaw was just getting old and tired. God blessed us with him! he was 88 and had a wonderful life.

Back to you----Patty- what a scare and upset about the start of chemo. you are so lucky to have scott who knows what to do and when you actually do need to worry or panic. God was holding your hand! i love ya patty and hope to see you soon. i'll call to check in later. let me know about the hair-do! stay strong and keep the amazing faith.

scott- words cannot describe how incredible you are and how wonderful it is that you have the ability to write as well as you do. you make it real and a little more understandable (if that is possible) you are awesome! thank you for sharing this with everyone and allowing us to feel a part of this and knowing what to pray for. love, Leanne