Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Live From NashVegas

We arrived in Nashville this afternoon after leaving late this morning. We're staying with my cousin Chuck and his wife Beth through the Thanksgiving holiday. We're hoping to have a "feast" tomorrow as Kendall would say and just hang out the rest of the time. Traffic was pretty bad heading out of Knoxville but smoothed out once further out. I only almost fell asleep once. They have some donkeys, horses, and goats behind their house that we went and played with before dinner. The kids really liked the goats. Beth fixed a big fancy dinner that now has my pants wishing they weren't on me. But I digress.

Patty is feeling better and getting back close to normal. She says she still has a general feeling of not feeling well but can't put an exact word on how to describe it.

Happy Thanksgiving to All

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