Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Heart Scan Today

Patty had a normally scheduled heart scan today. Did I say normal? I mean normal if your receiving high doses of chemotherapy that can affect the function of your heart. Preliminary results look ok but we don't have the official results as of yet. They had to stick her in both arms, fun, fun!

So, I just read what I typed above and I sound a little cynical today. I'm not, I don't think at least, that is just the way it came out. Oh, well.

We're going to go out tonight and look at Christmas lights. Supposedly there is a house in Inskip that has a coordinated light show with music that you can hear on your car radio that we're going to try to check out. That should be interesting.

Got the Christmas cards out today so if you've been wondering where yours is its "in the mail." That was a little more of an ordeal this year. Of course everything has been this year. I bought my LAST Christmas present today. John Maxwell's Leadership Promises for Every Day daily devotional. Great book. I highly recommend it if you or someone you know is in any type of Leadership position. They take snippets from all of his Leadership books and use them in the devotionals. Good Stuff.

Patty's next treatment is December 28th. Looks like we'll be rockin' in the New Year. Was I being cynical again? I digress.

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