Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MRI Results

The great gang as SMN squeezed Patty in for her brain MRI yesterday after her treatment. Truthfully I had a peace about it until she was actually laying on the table and then the anxiety came on in waves. She wanted me to watch but I couldn't. The last time I did that I almost exploded with nervous anticipation of what the results would be. This is three times now I've had that feeling. If you've been there you know what I'm describing if not, I hope you never have to. They called me after the scan was over and I went back and asked "how did it look?" That was a short walk but a heavy one no doubt. Thankfully, they stated it looked OK but then followed with the disclaimer that all of us in the field give when someone asks, "but I'm not a doctor so you'll have to wait for the report." The report came an hour later that the scan showed a normal brain. Now, sometimes I've wondered about that but I digress. Thanks for all the prayers for this scan. The lady that did Patty's scan is a 5 year breast cancer survivor. Her and Patty traded side effect stories especially the eyelashes falling out. She said this is when you really get the chemo look.

Patty was very tired last night. We planned on having an enjoyable time putting up the Christmas tree but have you ever tried putting up a Christmas tree with 4 little ones? No?, let me tell you, not an enjoyable time. Between managing not breaking the ornaments to trying to keep someone from knocking over the Christmas tree I was exhausted upon completion. Anyway, its done. Patty is supposed to get her Neulasta shot sometime this afternoon but I'm not sure exactly when. She'll be wiped out for the rest of the week with this.

On a side note, I was thinking for this year's Christmas cards that I could draw a Christmas tree on the top of Patty's head and take a picture of it and send it out as our Christmas photo. When I mentioned it to her she said that the red dots on her head could serve as the ornaments. The tagline could say "Have a Hairy Christmas!" What do ya think?

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