Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday Update

Patty was feeling a little queasy this morning but not too bad. She said her teeth had already begin to hurt. She was really tired last night and fell asleep early. Tracy has the boys today and so Patty has been able to rest at home without interruption. We have Bible study tonight so she won't have to worry about the kids tonight as well since she is going to stay at home.

Trying to maintain a normal life (work, school, church, activities, holidays) while all of this is going on is like trying to tread water...for months. I think its catching up, to me at least. As of late, it seems like I'm not keeping pace. I'm beginning to feel like the guy chasing the train that has just left the station. For a while I was able to keep up with it but recently I came to the end of the loading area and the train is continuing on.

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