Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Experience of Blogging

Patty is feeling better but still is suffering from a nagging sore throat. Everybody else seems to be doing better but me :( . Patty is now all of a sudden in a puzzle phase. She broke one out of the closet, a 1000 piece Wizard of Oz puzzle, and put it together in a couple of days. I come home last night and there are 6 new puzzles boxes laying on the table waiting to be put together. I had worked on one at the cabin over Christmas that somebody had received and I think this got the wheels in her head turning towards working a puzzle. So come on over and help if you feel the urge.

It seems like almost everyday now I run into someone that says they've been reading the blog which, at the time scares me to death because I immediately start thinking to myself 'did I reveal to much information about something or did I say something I shouldn't have?' I'm sure a look of concern crosses my face. Truthfully, it is a fine line to balance while blogging. Many times I have typed a post only to delete it because either I felt it was revealing too much of my personal feelings or that it may be construed the wrong way.

I've considering starting an anonymous blog where I can really spell out what I'm thinking or just to have an avenue to vent without any fear of the repercussions of such. I think it would be enlightening for those who haven't faced this situation and comforting for those who have as well as being therapeutic for me. Now, I know you're thinking, 'well you could do that here and nobody would be judgmental' but I say to that, we're all human and while we think and try our best not to be judgmental...we are.

Anyway, this blog was created to provide insight to Patty's Journey, hence the name, through this trying time. I thank each and everyone one of you for diligently reading the blog, praying for us, and interacting with us through your comments and emails. I encourage you to continue to do so and to share this blog with your friends and families that either might join in praying for us as well or that might have faced or is facing a similar situation.

You would not believe the consistent visitors from all over the country and the world we have to the blog.

From Knoxville, TN, all the way to Southern Australia.

From St. Paul, MN to Gainesville, FL.

From Dallas, TX to Charleston, SC.

Thanks to each of you whoever you maybe.

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Gail Kitts said...

No need to thank us for reading. Usually it is the highlight of my day. I am so thankful that you had the insight to do this. I usually read your comments to Travis as he works. It has kept us informed about Patty's status and humble to the fact how blessed we are to have good health.
The pictures you post, the video for the song "I am", and the humor you add to each update reminds me how resilient (with God's help) we humans are.

However, life sure can piss you off sometimes. Just when you think you are in control, you have all the answers, and everything is going your way--obstacles appear.

Oh well, I pray for you guys daily, Keep those blogs coming.

Anonymous said...

How ironic the subject of your blog today. I just read a comment of yours on another blog. Maybe to your surprise I did not think any less of you. It made me look deeper into myself at things that really matter. Something to remember no matter how spiritual a person becomes they are still human.