Friday, January 12, 2007

Get Away

Patty's throat is still bothering her and it may be related to the chemotherapy. Sometimes with chemotherapy you can get mouth or throat ulcers. Thus, they've prescribed her what in our field is commonly referred to as "Magic Mouthwash." I'm not sure what all is in it but its a cocktail of different ingredients that the pharmacist has to mix up at the pharmacy. Sounds yummy! Basically it numbs your throat and esophagus. I'm going to need some if I don't get over this cold. I've taken everything under the sun trying to tough it out. I've had about 100 cough drops, echinacea w/ vitamin C, more cough drops, sinus congestion relief pills, more cough drops. I'm looking into buying stock for Hall menthol drops.

Our church community group (7 couples) that meets for Bible study on Wednesday nights is heading up for a retreat this weekend in Townsend. Patty went up yesterday for a girl's getaway and the men are going to join them tonight. Then the men are going to stay an extra day to have a day of "male bonding", lol...

Unfortunately, only 5 of the couples are getting to go but we're looking forward to having a good time. Basically just going to watch some movies, play some games, and maybe go on a hike. But most of all enjoy some moments of sanity away from the kiddos. I'm hoping Patty will get a little rejuvenated and refreshed after a looooooong five months and another long year ahead. Laverne and her daughter are manning ours for the next couple of days. What a Godsend they are.

Five months since her diagnosis, hard to believe. I pray the next five will a little easier. Everybody have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

hello sweet friends,
Check with Patty's doctor and see if she can take L-Lysine 500 mg you get it where the vitamins are and it is for mouth ulcers and sores, I take 1 a day b/c I am prone to get them...Tammie L. told me about it and WOW at the difference it has made! I will be praying for you guys (small group) on your retreat that you all will able to here God's faintest whisper and that you are able to feel His gentle touch. I love you both...Jackie