Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Growing Fast

Patty's hair continues to grow back fast. We thought it wouldn't begin to grow back until her chemo was complete but evidently the Taxotere doesn't effect hair growth in some people. Her energy is still low but otherwise she is feeling OK.

I've got a bunch of things I want to blog about but I haven't been able to sit down and pound them out. Being the perfectionist I am, sometimes it takes me an hour to type, edit, type, edit again, and on and on before I'm somewhat satisfied that what I've written is suitable for reading.

Another reason I haven't posted much this week is I've been down and out with a dental issue. I had a two old fillings and a new crown down last week and up until today they have been killing me. I suffered through the weekend and then finally went back to the dentist on Monday so he could look at it. He said it was fine that probably the roots were a little traumatized (yea, no kidding). So he sent me home with the "take some tylenol" advice. After one hour of sleep on Monday night I called him back and said if I'm going to have to wait it out he is going to have to give me something for the pain which, he did. So last night I'm laying in bed and its still hurting despite the pain medicine and I'm having dreams of future root canals. At that point I realized I hadn't even prayed about it so I did. I get up today and it doesn't hurt.

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