Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Life Worth Emulating

Patty and Katie performed "I AM" again today for a group at Inskip Baptist church. Patty said it went really well. I never imagined the day that Patty would not mind performing on stage. She continues to surprise me. She is feeling better. Strangely enough her hair is growing back sooner than we thought.

I went to the funeral last night of our first volunteer at St. Mary's North. His name was Roy Perkey. Roy was loved by everyone and we were shocked to hear of his passing. He had just worked last Wednesday and died Friday morning. I am going to truly miss his presence. He always made sure to ask how I was doing. Little did I know the width and breadth of Roy's life until attending the funeral and speaking with Roy's family at the funeral. He was truly loved and rightly so. Below are a few words taken from a written eulogy for him

Roy worked for many years at Fulton Sylphon. A union man, his job for many years was chief inspector of the company's control products. As was true throughout his life, Roy was greatly loved and appreciated by his co-workers. They knew he could always be counted on in a time of need.

In his later years, especially after his wife of 55 years passed away in 1996, Roy worked regularly as a volunteer with several ministries: Western Heights Baptist Center, Mobile Meals, Habitat for Humanity, and St. Mary's Hospital.

Each year Roy planted and cultivated a vegetable garden. As the years went by, the garden became smaller, but he always had some tomatoes, okra, beans, squash, and a little corn. He would delight in loading his family up with fresh tomatoes when they came to town or stopped by for a visit.

Roy loved his church. Throughout his life he was an active Baptist laymen - teaching Sunday School and Training Union, serving on many committees, and serving as a deacon.

His greatest wish was to live life to the fullest until the end, and then to peacefully join his wife and Savior in heaven. His family is pleased his wish has come true. Roy's smile and kind words will be missed by his loving family, as well as his family in Christ.

I can only aspire to live a life as full of love and service as his. I imagine on Friday morning our Lord and Savior greeted Roy with the words "well done, good and faithful servant."

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