Friday, March 02, 2007

Post Treatment Update

Patty had her last major chemo treatment yesterday. It went as well as it could, no reactions or illness. She also had to get another shot to boost her red blood cell count, Aranesp and she will get the Neulasta for the white blood cell count today. The double shot expresso, chemo style.

She made it all the way through without having to enter the hospital with low blood counts which is a great thing. Many have to delay their treatment until their blood counts increase. Some even have to go into the hospital to have IV antibiotics because they developed an infection that normally wouldn't bother you but do to their white blood cell count being so low it can be extremely harmful. Hopefully, the Neulasta will not wipe her out for 3 days as it has done in the past. Last time it wasn't as bad as the others so keep praying.

Two major hurdles down, surgery and major chemo, one more major to go, radiation, and many minors from here to eternity. The journey now has been almost 7 months. It seems much, much longer.

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