Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break

We didn't do much over Spring Break. I took Monday through Wednesday off and we traveled down to Chattanooga to visit with some good friends of ours that used to live here in Knoxville. Some of you know them as Earl Marcey.

We went down Monday afternoon and the next morning we headed off to the Georgia Aquarium. Self-purportedly the "World's Largest and Most Engaging Aquarium." Do you feel a review coming on? Good.

It was relatively easy to get to and the line wasn't long to enter except for the security. We had purchased tickets ahead of time online of which I definitely recommend. Be sure to print out the tickets they email you before you come though. One small step I seemed to miss. Alas, it wasn't a big issue as the will call line wasn't long and we traversed right on into the Aquarium. The design is well thought out as it is a pod design where there is a central Atrium/Lobby that is surrounded by 5 pods appropriately separated by aquatic life (river, ocean, etc.). With this design your not in one continuous line and you can enter whichever one looks the least crowded. It took us about two hours to tour the whole facility.

They do have some aquatic life that I had not seen before. I've been to several aquariums (Monterey, Newport, Ripley's, and Chattanooga) and hadn't seen a Whale Shark

or a Beluga Whale.

Both of these were pretty impressive. As far as being the largest aquarium in the world, well, it didn't seen any bigger than other aquariums I've seen. But, maybe that's just my revisionist memory, lol... It is definitely worth the trip to see it as least once.

We left and headed back to Chattanooga where we spent the night again with Earl Marcey. We got up and headed back the next morning. Below is a pic of the kids along with Earl Marcey's kids Alex and Eliza.

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