Thursday, March 22, 2007

Phase 3 Begins (LINK UPDATED)

Patty is here today to begin the first procedure of what will be a 7-8 week process; Radiation Therapy. Once again refreshing in my mind how surreal this whole process has been and still is. I still find it hard to believe that my wife is here at my work for treatment. I never visioned such a scenario. Sometimes there are snippets of time where we can get away from this whole thing but today is not one of them. I was feeling
kind of down this morning as the reality set in that she was coming
today. I needed some encouragement so I turned to Spurgeon's daily devotional and found this,

“And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed.”

Matthew 26:39

Ok, that seemed to be a rather timely message to read. So, I sat down and did as such. I then read the rest of the devotional and it is another of his gems that can be treasured to read over and over again. Thus, I'm going to provide the link below to the whole devotional. Click HERE to read.

I then begin to wonder what Patty thinks about having to come here for treatment? I'm sure its surreal for her as well. Maybe I'll ask her to post here what it is like. I guess she'll get to know many of my co-workers well.

The day didn't start off well for her. She went this morning for her Herceptin infusion. It didn't go as well as usual. They had to stick her 5 times before they finally got access to her port to do the infusion. Not to mention the pain of being stuck but the bruising will probably be bad as well. Hopefully she'll have a better afternoon. I think her and some other friends are going to go to lunch and take the kids to the park.

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