Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Musings

We had a great Easter yesterday visiting with family and friends. We also sneaked (I just learned "snuck" is not a word, lol...) in a little fun towards the end of the day with a movie.

Patty's hair continues to grow back in but it is more of a light brown rather than her normal dark brown. Her radiation treatments continue as well. She's been having back and chest pain lately which always brings her concern that something is wrong. Who can blame her?

That's one thing we will have to deal with I guess from here on out. I've kept holding out hope that things will ultimately return to normal but I'm beginning to realize that is not a possibility. A 'new' normal will have to develop which is something I'm trying to grasp.

Cancer is a journey. Long for some, short for others. But cancer is by and by becoming more and more a "chronic" disease. In the past, metastatic cancer was considered a definite death sentence but now, people are living for long periods of time even after their cancer has recurred. Just the other day I picked up a chart on a patient who had breast cancer in 1981. It recurred in 1984 but she is still alive today due to the different types of treatment that have become available throughout the years. Encouraging news for survivors such as Elizabeth Edwards or Tony Snow who recently announced they are battling metastatic cancer. Our prayers are with them in their battle.

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