Monday, April 23, 2007

Team Katie & Kendall

I came home Wednesday night and Katie and Kendall had been making paper dolls. Katie told me she wanted to sell them for money to make Mommy feel better. Since its that time of year for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life fundraiser, I told her we could sell them to raise money for the ACS. They could hardly wait. They wanted to sell them right then!

So Friday night I helped them make a poster and they also made some no bake cookies with Mommy. They had their aprons and chef hats while they helped. We got up early, put on our Relay shirts, gather our signs, scooped up our paper dolls and cookies and headed down to the commons area of the subdivision. We got setup and waited, ....and waited, ...and waited, then finally we had a customer. Friends of ours Darrell & Beth were on their way to DisneyWorld so I asked them to stop by because I was afraid that we wouldn't get much business. How wrong was I?

Luckily someone was having a yard sale up the street which brought in a lot of traffic. Many drove on by but quite a few people stopped and got their paper dolls or "cow patties." Before I knew it, these little girls had raised, drum roll please.............., $80 in an hour and a half! Can you believe it? All on their own, their own idea. I was so proud of them. A silver lining on this dark cloud of cancer.

They already are bitten with the bug of success. Kendall informed next week we're going to Fountain City Park to sale them! Below is a pic of our volunteers. You can see them with their new glasses posing with their cookies and paper dolls.

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Anonymous said...


What a great idea!

You know, I've been thinking that I need a couple of paper dolls for the refrigerator. Have them send me two of thier favorites and I'll be happy to support the cause.

Tell Patty we are thinking about her. Hope to see you soon.

Love to all,

Beth R