Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Treatment Update

Patty is down to her last five treatments. She finishes her radiation treatments next Monday. After that she will continue the weekly Herceptin infusions through December. She will also soon start on a medication called Tamoxifen that she will take for five years. In simple terms, Tamoxifen is a drug that helps prevent the cancer from recurring.

The radiation treatments have gone well. One area under her arm has become real red and sore but nothing extraordinary. Her issues with the breathing and the dizziness seemed to have faded. Part of it might have been we discovered was the fact that she had starting taking my Prilosec thinking it was one of her medicines. Good grief!

Her hair continues to grow back fast and furious. She's got a ponytail already, ....just kidding. Actually its long enough where she has for the most part ditched the wig and is sporting a spiked number that looks good. She's got her some new "celebrity" sunglasses that match it well.

There are still some big decisions out there to be made. Patty seems to be pretty adamant about having reconstruction done. Truthfully, I was a little surprised at this. It is a big surgery and one that may have to be done out of state which brings up all kinds of logistical issues.

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Anonymous said...

just checking in, miss you guys and still praying for all of you! If anything becomes a logistics problem, call me and we'll get it worked out. Marcey loves kids! haha

Tell Patty the spiked hair look is my preference too!