Thursday, August 09, 2007

One Year Today

One year today, on a Wednesday morning, I received that fateful phone call at about 9 a.m. That is where this journey officially began. After 1 Surgery, 5 Chemo Treatments, 31 Herceptin Infusions, 33 Radiation Treatments, 10's of scans or tests, probably close to a 100 doctor visits, 140 blog posts, and 11,654 blog visitors, the journey is still not complete. Sometimes I wonder if it ever will be.

As I rode to the bottom of the hill we live on this morning, the sun was behind a small smattering of clouds but all the rays could be seen shining in every direction. I stopped to admire... Beautiful. I wondered if God created the sun for us as semblance of himself. Throughout history we've associated the sun with hope, light, warmth, a new beginning, growth, sustaining. All things God is to us.

Later as I realized the date and begin to reflect upon it. I remembered that vision this morning and contemplated if God did that for me. As a symbol of hope or in the least, encouragement. I think that he did.

Patty comes in today for her normal Herceptin treatment and most likely to have her blood checked. She felt as she had no energy yesterday. It could be due to her thyroid condition or because her red blood cell count is low or maybe from just being tired. Of the three, we hope that she is just tired but of the two medical conditions the thyroid would be better. In your prayers today pray that her blood counts will be normal and healthy. She goes to the thyroid doctor tomorrow of which we hope to have some guidance on that.

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