Friday, August 10, 2007

Blood Count &Thyroid Visit Update

We got great news concerning Patty's blood counts on Thursday. There were all normal with the white count back up to 4.7! Hallelujah. Normal is 4 to 11. Patty and I went for her appointment with the thyroid doctor today. It was interesting. I'm in the medical field and I was finding his description of what might be going on hard to follow. In the end, he said that her thyroid levels indicated that she had hyperthyroidism. But, he suspected that she has what he called "Silent Thyroiditis" and that this would probably go away. Indeed he called later today and said that her thyroid levels were normal. He thinks that when she had the thyroid function test that maybe she already had some iodine in her system that prevented uptake in the thyroid.

As for the nodule, he thinks this could have been caused by the inflammation but can't be sure thus he is going to wait 4 weeks and re-ultrasound her thyroid to see if it has shrunk. If not, then he will probably biopsy it. So for the next few weeks pray that God will shrink the nodule so Patty want have to suffer another agonizing biopsy.

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