Friday, October 26, 2007

150th Post

This makes the 150th post to this blog. Is this a favorable milestone? I think not, especially since I've got not so favorable news to report.

Patty's arm is still bothering her and she has now noticed some swelling in her hand which most likely is lymphedema. Not a good thing. She's is deservedly upset about this as it is just one more thing to have to deal with. We thought that she had eclipsed the period for this to occur but evidently not. She goes to see a specialist next week.

Its just like the hits just keep coming. I could expound on this but probably shouldn't.

We're tired.

Not just physically but mentally as well. I think we have kept clamoring and hoping to return to some semblance of what we once were. The further out we get and the continued issues now have me thinking it isn't going to happen. It's hard to describe but, not only does this effect your physical health but your immediate family, marital relationship, work performance, friends, hope, outlook, well...I could go on and on, basically everything everyday. Its even more difficult to see all your friends and acquaintances carrying on with everyday life and the normal issues you deal with. Truly, I can't describe in print the effect it has on everything. Words can't describe the despair it weighs upon you. I know it could be worse.

Pray for the Lord to extend his mercy and to heal this issue with Patty's arm and to grant us resilience and hope .

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