Monday, October 29, 2007

Arm Scan

Patty is having another scan today to assure she doesn't have a blood clot in her arm or axilla. The pain has continued so I encouraged her to call today and have it checked out further. Lymphedema is not usually painful so I wasn't comfortable for her to wait until Thursday when she sees her Oncologist.

She's noticeably discouraged by this latest development. Pray that the Lord will grant her encouragement.

On the lighter side, I took Grant and Brett for a haircut last Wednesday night. Thursday Grant decided it wasn't short enough. So he grabs my hair clippers and commences to give himself a reverse mohawk and to trim up Brett's sideburns. Patty called me at work and by her tone of voice I thought he had either busted the TV, broke a mirror, or blew up the computer. When I finally coaxed her into telling me what he did before I got home I actually had a sigh of relief it was just his hair. She wasn't as agreeable. What does he look like now? Well, let's say his cut resembles mine. Haven't seen mine? Its a #1 guard, as low as you can get with a guard. It actually looks good on him now and he's getting more attention as everyone wants to rub it!

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