Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Arm Update

Patty saw an orthopedic surgeon yesterday to determine if the issues with her arm might be related to carpal tunnel syndrome. He was under the impression that it wasn't and that it was indeed lymphedema. We're trying to get her in to see somebody as soon as possible because with this problem you want to get treatment before it worsens. Unfortunately, our insurance provided treatment location has a several week delay so we're exploring other alternatives.

To counterbalance all the negativism in the air, I finally succumbed to the "Getting A Dog" barrage that I have been inflicted with for several months now. Its been tough but they've wore me down. I've been mentally tortured to bring me to this humble position so I digress.

If you remember, our last dog Chrissy had to be put to sleep not long after Patty's surgery. We drove out to Maryville on Sunday to look at a couple of West Highland White Terriers that were almost ready to be taken home. The place was a beautiful small farm (I'll confess, I was coveting) where the kids got to play with the pups in the grass. And by the way kids includes Patty. Although, the boys were more interested in an old toy pedal tractor and the wide expanse to drive it, push it, or fight over it than the dogs. Patty and Kendall decided on the girl and so we put a deposit down and will pick her up either this weekend or next whenever she's ready.

We're taking suggestions on names so post anything clever in the comments. Her dad's name is Elvis and the mother is Priscella. So that should give you a head start


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I know Patty hates the news about her arm but I am glad it's something that can be dealt with through non surgical treatment.

Great news about the dog! My vote is for "Grace".

Post some pictures when you get her.


Anonymous said...

Get the dog, you need more stress! haha