Saturday, September 02, 2006

Drains Are Out

Patty got the final drain removed yesterday. She said it wasn't as painful as the first two. But, of course, this time she has prepared herself by taking some pain medicine. She slept better last night but not as restful as we hoped. Evidently, the place on her right side where the drain was is still tender and sore. I think she is getting used to having to sleep on her back. Patty's aunt is still here. She cleaned the house for us and of course you know Patty had to try to help clean the playroom.

She will see the surgeon next Thursday to check for healing and probably start the chemo the first of the following week. Truthfully, we've not thought to much about it. As of late, we've only been thinking of the day at hand. Believe or not, I didn't even know what time the first UT football game was until I found out last night. That's like heresy here in Big Orange Country. I hear Patty now drying her hair so she is attempting to do some things with her arms which is good. Hopefully, she'll continue to improve and feel much better before the chemo starts.

Continue to pray for her healing, physically and mentally.

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Jacki said...

Hi Scott & Patty,

Jacki here -- from The Cancer Blog and my own blog. Just wanted to wish you well for the start of chemo. Someone recommended to me that I drink one gallon of water per day the day before chemo, the day of chemo, and the day after chemo to help flush the drugs through my system, to minimize side effects. I did it for each of my four treatments -- and it was a lot of water! But I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I did it. I did have two "blah" days after each treatment. Mine were on Fridays and the weekends were the worst days but I never did vomit. Perhpas the water helped me.

Do you have a port? I recommend one -- and also recommend using Emla or Lidocense cream to numb the site one hour prior to chemo. The needle stick can hurt. Nurses can also using a freezing spray to numb.

Please let me know if I can ever offer any wisdom about the whole process. And if you would ever want to talk on the phone, let me know and I'll share my number -- even though you are Tennesee fans and I live in Gainesville -- home of the Gators!

All my best!