Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Gift

Patty felt well enough to go to church today which really surprised me. I think she is starting to get cabin fever. She went to Wal-Mart yesterday for first time in weeks which is a new world record for her. Although when she got back she was wiped out and had to take a nap. I was jealous.

We have a nuisance that is plaguing her today, itching. Where the scars are healing it is driving her crazy. Hopefully, that will cease soon. She says it hurts too bad to scratch, so she has to endure the itching until we can find something on a holiday weekend to relieve it.

As I was sitting in church today, thankful that my bride of twelve years was next to me, something came over me as we were worshipping and listening to the sermon. All you can think about when you discover that yourself or a family member has cancer is how devastating it is to your life, your way of life, your plans, your everything. But after wading through this for almost a month now I've discovered that there is indeed at least one silver lining, a gift per se, that cancer brings as it sneaks up on you like the opposite of a surprise birthday party. A gift you say? How could cancer bring a gift that someone would want? I know, sounds crazy doesn't it? It's a gift that those of you who haven't had to face the possibility of death haven't experienced - yet. A few may think they have the gift beforehand, I thought I did. But, I didn't.

What is the gift?

The gift is Appreciation, ...Appreciation of LIFE, its simplest form, ...the way it was created and intended to be by the God of the Universe, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the great I AM. It is an outright shame that it takes something tragic for you to receive it but nevertheless, that is the way for most of us it has to be.

Things slow down when your life is interrupted. Matter of fact, for a few weeks they grind to a halt. But for me, the sweet lubrication of the Lord, His Word, His followers, and family have caused the gears of my life to begin to turn again ever so gradually. And now, as my eyes slowly reopen, the world looks a little bit different. Things that were previously taken for granted are no longer.

Growing old together, no.

A wonderful wife, no way.

And, things that may have seemed to had greater importance just a few short weeks ago no longer do.

Retirement plans, nope.

Vacations, notta.

Football games, no.

I could go on.

In this short time, I'm already a better husband, parent, and Believer. Hard to imagine it came from all of this. I can only hope and pray it will last.


Anonymous said...

I love you guys!!!

Patty don't ever forget how beautiful you are... and as often as the Lord says to tell you I will. Your beauty was not your physical assets but your heart, your love for God and your family.

Don't ever let satan get a foothold on that. I hate that I cried...but I cant start saying I am sorry for crying, because the Lord knows I will probably cry each time I talk with you and scott for the next few months...but according to Mark Z I cry all the time anyway I dont need a special occasion ;)

I pray you have restful sleep from now on.


Anonymous said...

You guys are an amazing inspiration. We will keep praying for you.
With love,
Jim, Ang & the girls