Monday, September 04, 2006


Patty is doing good today although she strained her arm last night when she stumbled over a break in the driveway at Darrell & Beth's house. I should have asked Darrell if he had good homeowner's insurance, lol... She was real uncomfortable last night and still today. The numbness in her arm still is bothersome as well. She is still unable to sleep on her side because of the arm issues.

While researching Bible studies for our community group I came across this online video lesson of which I could definitely relate - the dimmer periods of life. It is appropriately titled RAIN. It is authored and presented by Rob Bell, founding pastor of fast growing Mars Hill Bible Church. Bell is not without controversy. There are many in the Christian community that disagree with his viewpoints on Christ and the Bible. But it seems there is controversy about anyone that pens a Christian book today. On this subject, the video is well done and thought provoking. If you have the time, click HERE and watch the video. Its about 11 minutes long. I might use this in our community group this Fall.

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