Monday, October 30, 2006

Breast Cancer Walk Results

Patty started feeling better over the weekend but hadn't rebounded as well as the last treatment. She says she still doesn't feel good. Icky or blah is her description. She did get out and go to church on Sunday and to our church's Bless Fest last night. We had a good time.

Well, the results are in and it appears the Breast Cancer Race for the Cure was a great success. Thanks to all who walked in Patty's name. We really appreciate your efforts. We know its hard to get up on a chilly and cloudy Saturday morning to do something for somebody else but, as I have been reading of late this is what God calls us to do.

God doesn't call you to serve others just for the benefit of others but, because it has an equal benefit for you as well. It places "self" to the back of the line for a little while and that's a good thing. While I was doing a little serving this Saturday morning myself, the thought came to mind, "are we really serving if we serve only when we can fit it into "our" schedule?"

The next morning on Sunday, I was getting ready for church and I had the radio on WRJZ 620 AM Joy 62 Christian Talk Radio (shameless plug) and a local preacher was delivering his sermon. I'm not sure who it was but he was relating a sermon about serving. Part of his sermon was a story of St. Augustine who was travelling to deliver a sermon to a large group of scholars, a very important event in his time. Along the way they came across a family who was starving. Thus, they stopped, gave them food, and attended to their other needs. Further down they ran into a man who was injured and they assisted him as well. Again, as they travelled, they came across a man whose cart was broken and they helped him repair it so he could be on his way. At each stop, his assistant implored that they must not stop or they would miss the event. St. Augustine told him that these people needed their help. When they finally reached the event, everyone had already left and the organizer of the event told him that he had missed his opportunity to deliver his sermon. St. Augustine replied, that's OK we delivered several sermons along the way.

John Ortberg says in a Bible study we're doing that the inner self complains when you serve others within your schedule, but it screams when you serve others despite your schedule. Maybe we would grasp a better understanding of God's work in us if we didn't consult "our" schedule when God presents us with an opportunity to serve. As Steve Brown would say, "You think about that."

Here's a pic of some of the people who walked for Patty and others. Thanks again guys to all of you who walked, I think you're the best and God does too!

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Anonymous said...

That is great. We have never stopped praying for you Patty. You are doing awesome.