Saturday, October 14, 2006

Post Fall Break Trip Update

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days. I was without Internet access for the days we were gone.

Patty is feeling ok. Her head is still sore and tender and her back has started bothering her again. I know her back has her concerned. I've tried to convince her that it show on her scans so it is probably just muscular but I can understand her concerns. Please pray she will get some relief from this pain and concern.

We had a good time in the mountains. The place we stayed was nice. I didn't think about it until I just placed the link but, the cabin's name was "The Journey". As in similar to the title of this blog. Weird. We went to Dollywood on Wednesday and believe it or not it was the least crowded I've ever seen it. If you've ever been to Dollywood you'll know how that when I say "C" lot wasn't even full how sparse the crowd was. The kids could get on one ride, get off and get right on another.

On Thursday the kids got to swim and we went up to Clingman's Dome. Man, was it cold! It was 44 but with the wind chill it had to be in the 20's. It was clear and you could see for 40 miles. We had never been to the actual overlook so Patty, myself, Grant (with some assistance from my shoulders), and Jay (Laverne's husband) made the 1/2 mile steep trek up to the 360 degree overlook. Everybody else chickened out. The view was tremendous. We were at the level of the bottom of the clouds and it was remarkable to see how fast they actually moved. I'll post some pics later.

Yesterday, we headed back stopping on the way at the new Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge. To quickly describe it, I would relate it to a science museum. A place worth visiting once but you might not want to return for another ten years.

Patty's aunt Rosalind, cousin Laura, and her children from North Carolina are in for the weekend to visit. Patty is gone right now with them to do a little shopping. I had to talk her into going. You know her, she was wanting to clean the house. Good Grief!


Anonymous said...

My sister said the same thing about wonder works. I never said thanks for the susan komen blip. We got 64 on our team! Our goal was 50.

Anonymous said...

I thought WonderWorks was awesome! Something for every age and interest.