Friday, January 26, 2007

Back is Better, Taste is Not

One of the side effects I haven't discussed on here much is the loss of taste. The reason being I guess is this is a side effect that doesn't cause pain but it does cause frustration. Patty says that things either don't taste the same or not much at all. Some people have described a metal taste but she has not experienced this - thankfully.

Her back is continually improving. Last night she said she just didn't feel good. I think this is the cumulative effect of the chemotherapy on your body. Her blood counts have been lower each visit and I suspect they will be low upon her next treatment. Hopefully they will not be low enough to have to postpone the treatment. Pray that her blood counts will be up for her next treatment which should be on Feburary 8th.

It was 21 degrees this morning. Cold. Real cold, to me at least. Until I was reading some friend's or ours blog who live in Minnesota and they had mentioned it was -8! YIKES! I was beginning to think Tennessee was the new Florida with the balmy temperatures we have experienced this winter. Patty doesn't like it but unless its going to snow I'll take it warm please.

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