Thursday, January 25, 2007

Herceptin Tx Today / Faith

Patty is scheduled to come in for her weekly Herceptin treatment today. This one currently hasn't caused her any major issues. It can affect her heart and thus they have to due scans on her heart ever so often.

She hasn't recovered from the back pain she gets from the Neulasta shot as quickly this time. I think this has had her concerned but it begin to improve yesterday. I think she is just not recovering from the shot as quickly as she has in the past.

In Bible Study we are working through a study on who Jesus is. It is a study by Serendipity House called Knowing Jesus. Last night's topic was Jesus, the Healer. We were discussing the passage in Matthew 9:18-34 where Jesus heals a little girl, a woman with a lengthy illness, two blind men, and a man who was possessed. All different types of healing. At some time we all need healing, whether it emotionally or physically. The common theme with every one of these individuals who were healed was that they had absolute faith that Jesus could heal them. After the woman and the blind men were healed Jesus tells them, "your faith has healed you", "According to your faith.." The key emphasis throughout the study was our faith. Not faith that he might heal us. But faith that he will heal us.

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