Monday, January 22, 2007

An October Moment with God

Patty did better today and I think is on the upswing for the most part. Hopefully this will continue tomorrow.

I wrote the following piece when our church had to meet outside on a crisp October morn due to the gym floor at "Brickey Church" as many of our church children so eloquently describe it, was being resurfaced. As you'll see I was distracted by the beauty of God's visible church. Enjoy.

"We're having church outside. Its cool, the sun is warm on my back, the sky is clear and blue. Blue, deep sky blue. Not even a whisper of a cloud to distract from its beauty. The trees on the ridge, tall and amber, crimson and stout, are waving in concert to me as I sit in admiration of God's canvas. A lone speck floats over the horizon swaying to and fro with the breath of the wind. A bird spreading his wings and floating on God's providence for him. As I sat while we were praying and once again felt the embrace of the sun upon my skin I wondered, . . . how valuable is that to me?"

This could have went on further but the situation prevented such. The sermon probably begin to warm up at this point and precluded further writing. But as I read it again the other day, I'm glad it didn't continue because it concluded with a poignant question that I have yet to answer.

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Anonymous said...

it's a good question...

to me, it's priceless

Lots of love and well wishes to all of you,