Monday, January 22, 2007

Patty Update and Popcorn Showers

Patty started feeling bad on Saturday afternoon. It started with her neck and then eventually worked its way down to her lower back. By Sunday morning she was feeling completely wiped out. This lasted for the whole day and probably will continue throughout today and hopefully she will begin to fill a little better tomorrow.

Both days she was able to rest. Tracy came and got the three oldest to take to play at her house for most of the day on Saturday. And then on Saturday evening I took Katie and Grant to the UT men's basketball game with my dad. What an adventure that was.

We got the tickets from Katie's school at a reduced rate. I should have realized that the price of the ticket is inversely proportional to the height of the seat. How high you ask? How about the second row from rafters! My dad was about to have a heart attack he had to climb so high. Remember that law of physics you learned in high school about heat rising? Its true. It was smoking up there. Grant's cheeks were red like he had a fever.

Amazingly, Grant lasted the whole game. He got a little restless towards the end but on the whole he did better than I expected. He even got a little spirit towards the end and started yelling "shoot it in the basket!" He found that comical as he would turn and look to us as if saying "how was that!" The only mishap during the game was when Grant was munching on some popcorn and suddenly had to sneeze which, was unfortunate for the boy sitting in front of him. I was about to die when the boy, who was around the age of 7, turned around to see who had given him a "munched" popcorn shower. Grant just kept on eating like nothing had happened. So, I had to give him the "cover your mouth when you sneeze" spill which promptly exited out the other ear I'm sure.

The highlight of the game for me was when they announced that Vanderbilt beat Kentucky! A good friend of mine, who unfortunately is a UK fan, was at the game. So, he attends his first game of the year at home and they lose to Vandy! lol... How long has it been since the Kentucky has lost at home to Vandy? I bet he was pained to see it. Boy, I bet that was a long drive home.

Yesterday, I got everybody up and ready and headed out to church so Patty could stay home and rest. It was a challenge as it was raining and we were a little late but we managed. Randy and Kim Rhodes brought some homemade chicken noodle soup last night. I don't know which one of them cooked it but they need to put in an application to the Food Network cause it was deliche'! (Is that an official word?)

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