Friday, March 09, 2007

What Come of This?

Patty received her weekly Herceptin infusion yesterday without any issues. She is still feeling a lack of energy from the chemo treatment last week. Chemotherapy is cumulative so its probably the culmination of all the treatments as well as the shots to boost her red and white blood cell counts.

She has started an exercise program we offer at our Fitness Center that is designed with cancer patients in mind. She has already jumped right into the program. Yesterday she said she rode 3 miles on the bicycle and walked another 1.5 miles. Studies have shown that a moderate exercise program while under treatment will improve fatigue levels.

Changing gears, you wonder what God has in store for you on the other side of tragedies such as this. I've wondered that a lot actually. Last night, I met a wonderful lady who had recently underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer. When she learned my profession she had lots of questions about breast cancer of which I was able to help her better understand it and her situation. I was sort of taken back about how thankful she and husband were afterward.

Even though I was in the field before this I didn't know a quarter of what I've learned about breast cancer since. What was ironic about this encounter was I had just spoke to old friend earlier in the day, who through describing a trial of his own, spoke about how God uses events such as this to prepare us for his work and will. On the way home last night I recalled that conversation and wondered if being a resource for others facing this is meant for me. If that is the case, I'm ready to help as many that face this issue as humanly possible.

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Gail Kitts said...

You go girl on that exercise. In my book it is a cure for everthing. Proud of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take Scott to that exercise class with you. Then he might have better luck keeping up with that old man he plays tennis with.